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April 10, 2013

Letter: Government is a drain on the economy

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

Can we admit one simple truth? All prosperity, wealth, revenue, and charity comes from the private sector of the economy. Government produced none of this.

Now, I know that statement is making my lefty friends heads pop, but it is true. Every single dollar spent by government must first be produced by the private sector. And the government never spends it more wisely, or to greater benefit than the person who owned it originally. Government merely sucks the economic life out of the private sector.

Currently, the federal government eats up 25 percent of the economy. This means every member of the private sector must work 33 percent harder to enjoy the same benefit. And this does not even include state and local government, which eats up another 20 percent of the economy. This means that people need to produce almost twice as much as they need to support themselves — and the government.

This is why increasing government spending has never been a long-term economic boon.

Mark Acciard