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June 11, 2014

Letter: It's not good to have a king

To the editor:

Whether you are for or against the release of five Taliban for Bowe Bergdahl doesn’t matter. The fact is that it was illegal without the consent of Congress. President Obama signed that legislation himself. We are going to have troops in Afghanistan until the end of 2016 so it is hard to believe that the Taliban won’t be responsible for more casualties.

If Bowe Bergdahl was so concerned about the Afghan children, then he should have joined the Peace Corps, not the Army. Personally, my sympathies are for the children whose parents had to leap from the World Trade Tower.

Do you remember the Mel Brooks movie “History of the World, Part 1,” and the line, “It’s good to be the king”? I believe Barack Obama says that to the mirror every morning. He does whatever he wants and if you dare question him you are either a bigot or a rightwing wacko.

We are a Republic, not a monarchy. It’s time for those who swore an oath to defend our Constitution to stand up and do it.

Was there a Rose Garden ceremony for the parents of those six to 14 soldiers who died trying to find Bergdahl? I must have missed it.

Diane Dube

Salem, N.H.

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