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June 19, 2014

Sound Off

Iraq redux

The same conservatives who created the mess in Iraq are itching to do it all over again. Young military widows proudly state, “I wouldn’t change a thing.” Veterans of Iraq boldly state, “I’d do it again.” It’s true: Americans are losing their minds.

Bush’s blunder

Obama snatched defeat from victory? How do you figure that? Bush stood on that carrier and proclaimed “Mission accomplished.” Really? I didn’t realize that those men died to stabilize Iraq. According to Bush it was to disarm Saddam and Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. Where are those weapons? A lot of men died because Bush lied. Nice going Bush!

Hillary Clinton

I think a lot of women admire Hilary for staying with her husband and forgiving him. No marriage or spouse is perfect, whether it’s infidelity, drinking, joblessness or even worse things, and there are far worse things, believe me. We hold on and muddle through, and she did. And I’m not defending her because I’d vote for her. She has not done a good job at anything, other maybe being a good wife and mother. She was an angry first lady and a mediocre senator and secretary of state. She blew a big lead as candidate for the presidency and failed at health care reform.

Dog problems

I have spoken to the Andover animal control officer several times about how some dog owners in my neighborhood do not obey the law. Some dogs run around without leashes, others never pick up after their dogs and others think it is OK to let the dog walk on and use other people’s property and AVIS property without picking up. Some of my neighborhood dog owners do as they please | without any consideration for the people who own the property who have made it clear they do not want your dog using their property for dog waste relief. As noted in the article, doing this causes water problems, distribution of bacteria and lots of other issues. It must be stopped. I suggested sending out a reminder to dog owners about picking up dog waste and asking them to be respectful to people who do not want dogs using their yards for waste relief. I was told it couldn’t be done! Go figure! If North Andover could figure out a way to reach all town dog owners and make the law clear to them, I don’t understand why Andover could not do the same.

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