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June 20, 2014

Sound Off


I just don’t understand how someone wouldn’t have compassion for children in country fighting a war like in Afghanistan. But I know people like that. They never feel sorry for other people. Their compassion is too precious to waste on strangers. They hear about poor families or hungry children here in Lawrence and whine about how their mother fed and clothed their 10 brothers and their 10 sisters on only 10 cents a week. I just can’t imagine what it’s like to live through war, especially as a child. But I just can’t imagine either what makes some people that self-centered and selfish to feel no compassion for strangers, especially children, during war.

Warren’s bill

Make no bones about it, Elizabeth Warren’s Senate bill to allow the refinance of student debt had nothing to do with helping students and everything to do with making points for this fall’s mid-term elections. Lightly noted by the media was the tax increase on those making over $1 million and adding yet one more level of complexity to an already convoluted tax code. Entirely missed was that the cost of college has outpaced inflation for several decades as institutions pay exorbitant salaries to professors like Warren while skimping on adjunct faculty.

No shows

How is it that when there is not an election coming up our city officials that are invited to special events don’t show up? A wonderful tribute was given to a war dog at the MSPCA’s Hillside Acre Animal Cemetery on Saturday. It was wonderful to see Methuen’s K9 officers there with their dog. I’m certain that if there was an election coming up, officials would have come in droves! Shame on them.


I am originally from Lawrence as many in the area are, and I now live in Methuen. I think towns surrounding Lawrence should also pass a residency regulation, one that would not allow anyone from a community with a residents-only regulation to work in their community as a public servant. By the way, I guess Lawrence’s new regulation should end mutual aid that Lawrence has come to depend on at our expense also. So ridiculous!

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