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June 20, 2014

Letter: Media covers for Obama again and again

To the editor:

Don’t you love the way Obama can seize control of the media to deflect attention from disaster?

After weeks of facts which cast Obama and his administration in a bad light, there is a deflection in progress. Five terrorists are released from Guantanamo to fight again with the Taliban, suddenly pertinent emails from the IRS scandal are “erased”, the flood of illegal alien children over the “closed” border are being distributed around the country illegally, a Marine is seized in Mexico, and a new round of 3,200 emails about Benghazi are suddenly “discovered.” These are just some of the news items plaguing Obama. The Ukraine is lost, Iraq is being thrown to the wolves, and America is retreating on all fronts leaving a vacuum to be filled by our enemies. Add to that the incredible amounts of food inflation happening in our supermarket and his popularity is sinking like a stone.

Then suddenly, after two years of ignoring him, Obama seizes the much interviewed and quite open leader of the Benghazi attack. Do you think it is to change the discussion to his “success”? Why couldn’t it have been done earlier? It is simply because Obama wanted to use this card at a point in time like this -- anything to get his negative images off the main news and replace them with something that really makes no difference. In the case of the current government media love fest -- they always willingly gasp and portray the “victory” and deflect attention from all the failures.

While I celebrate the seizure of the leader of the Benghazi attack, I am disgusted at our “fourth estate”, the people set up constitutionally to watch and criticize the government, for such actions and point out the propaganda of it all. They are simply falling into line and awarding Obama a reprieve from his disastrous reign.

Bill Weimar


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