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June 21, 2014

Sound Off


Our president has done it again. He has created another new story to distract the country from his falling approval ratings and his foreign policy crumbling. What an amazing coincidence that just as these things are happening -- the mastermind behind the Benghazi attack is captured. It’s again policy determined by politics. Obama’s failures have become too much even for his friends in the media. No wonder NBC News, that liberal bastion, basically declared the Obama presidency to be over. Now we can look to the clueless Hillary to give us four more years of the same thing.


President Obama’s administration has deported more illegals than George W. Bush’s administration. Illegals can’t vote legally. It’s a right-wing fantasy that Democrats are lax toward illegal immigration in the hope that Mexicans and others who enter the country illegally will vote for Democrats once they have the right to do so. Bullheadedness on the part of many Republicans, and fear of them on the part of many cowardly Republican politicians, prevents our nation from sensible, generous and merciful things like giving illegal immigrants who were brought here as children an opportunity to become American citizens. All this makes the Republican Party look like a club for cranky, old racist xenophobes. And why would Hispanics, Asians and blacks want to vote for a political party like that, even if their ancestors have been here for 10 generations, or five or only one? The Republicans only have themselves to blame, you see.

Why bother?

It is baffling to see the number if people who go to a gym, but then spend the entire time they are there in the locker room on the phone instead of exercising. Although these are probably the same people who circle the lot looking for a place close to the door to park.

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