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June 23, 2014

Sound Off

Tax madness

What a surprise. The city of Methuen is raising everybody’s property taxes again this year. This city is run like an insatiable beast that eats up money like it grows on trees. There is never enough and it always wants more. I am nearing retirement and can’t wait to move out of this city. Unfortunately, I may have to sell my property before then due to these yearly tax increases. They love to try and soften the blow by saying it’s only so much for the “average” home. Where are these “average” homes? My home is pretty average and my tax increase is always a lot more than they state. You can only squeeze the citizens so much before they break. I’m sure I’ll be writing this same thing again next year. When will this madness end?

Giant shoes

OMG, MGS -- more giant shoes! I see that the big shoes are making a comeback in Haverhill, only this time they are giant ladies’ shoes. It’s another opportunity to splash paintings of departed Hillies all over town. Please, painters of shoes, put some live people on there!


I recently had to renew my driver’s license, which necessitated a visit to the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles in Salem. Imagine my pleasant surprise to enter that world and find a group of polite, eager-to-help employees working in clean, attractive surroundings. The Salem NH DMV runs like a well oiled machine. Thank you, Salem.

Minimum wage

So Massachusetts passed a bill bringing the minimum wage to $11. Well golly gee, that is still chump change. Way out West one of the states passed a $15 minimum and surprisingly some of the businesses went along with it. The $15 minimum is the future and it is coming. If the conservatives would suggest it and got it started, it would get them back in office. But we know they won’t so it will be business as usual. They are not use to giving so they will be just another also-ran come voting day.

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