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June 23, 2014

Letter: Ousting Saddam was reason enough for Iraq War

To the editor:

Mr. Tom Chapman says the defense of Bush’s Iraq War falls short (May 29). I think his understanding of human history falls short. I want to explain this point in some detail.

First, to kill a demon like Saddam Hussein is not a magical thinking. Unless you are serious, you cannot kill a demon. I said Saddam killed more Muslims than any other Arab leaders in Arab history! Chapman thinks 5,000 young Americans were killed in Iraq were in vain. He should know that every drop of blood sacrificed for a good cause is an achievement!

Mr. Bush was intelligent enough to hand over Saddam Hussein to the Muslim government to decide if he should be killed. Muslims thought it was justified to kill him. Without America’s help, Muslims could not kill him. It is a fact. Compared to the Vietnam War, only several thousand people were killed in the Iraq War. In the Iraq War, a demon was killed to save the lives of thousands of people in the Arab world.

Tom does not want to dignify me by commenting on my statement: “Muslims ridiculed and undermined America at every opportunity.” He should know that leaders of Iran, Iraq and Muslims generally hate American infidels, and comment on them at every opportunity. Moreover, Saddam Hussein, in his palace, walked over the picture of the president of the United States, George H.W. Bush, with world dignitaries day in and day out. It was a great insult for America and for all the presidents of the United States! Liberals are appeasers and they do not think it is any big deal. They also do not know when you add up many small deals, it becomes a big deal!

A liberal president, Lyndon Johnson, continued the Vietnam War for many years. Vietnam did not invade America. This was the most foolish war in world history. Here more than 55,000 Americans were killed for no good reason.

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