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June 24, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Marine held

I am really trying to understand this. How can President Obama give enormous praise and kudos to Bowe Bergdahl but leave a U.S. Marine who served with honor for two tours of duty in Afghanistan to rot in a Mexican jail with no effort spent to secure his release despite 100,000 signatures of Americans asking him to act? And that man has been in Mexico for months. Where is the “we have their backs” promise? It’s the same mind set as the IRS scandal being “no big deal,” yet everything that could incriminate him and his lackeys has just “disappeared.”

Blaming Bush

A Sound Off writer, once again, is blaming President Bush for the problems happening in Iraq. Wake up people, Bush is no longer president and hasn’t been for many years. When are these people going to hold President Obama accountable for his actions? He is supposed to be the commander-in-chief, but instead is anything but. Since taking office he has absolutely shown no leadership or love for this country. He bows to Arab sheiks. The national debt has tripled. He has imposed rules and regulations to kill small and large businesses alike. Oil drilling permits are at an all-time low. He ignores the Constitution, which he swore to uphold. There have been more scandals and cover-ups than any president in history. Benghazi, the IRS and of course the latest one. His releasing five of the worst terrorists in the world, for a man who his own fellow soldiers have said was a deserter. Presidents have been impeached for much less. Yet this man, with the liberal news media in his back pocket survives.

Too loud

I noticed radios that can be heard blocks away were not mentioned in the article on curbing noise in Haverhill. A good place to start is near All Saints Church. In the early evening Friday and Saturday cars often speed and blast radios going to and from Route 97.

School naming

When the new Hunking School is built the city ought to rename it. There isn’t one Haverhill school named after a woman. A new Hannah Duston School? Or, if elected our next president, the Hillary Rodham Clinton School.


Is it July 4 yet? If not, then what is that cannon-like booming nearly every night after 11 p.m., in the city of Lawrence?! It is the sound of illegal fireworks being set off and disturbing the peace and well being of its residents. It is high time the Lawrence Police do their job and teach those ignorant offenders a lesson, and fine them accordingly!


I have never seen such arrogance and lying as was on TV last week when the head of the IRS testified before Congress that he doesn’t think the IRS owes the American public, who, I might remind him, pays his salary, an apology for the lies about “losing” the incriminating emails from Lois Lerner and six of her buddies. If I had that attitude going into one of their audits, I would end up in jail. These bureaucrats don’t even lose their pensions for telling these lies, let alone go to jail for all the laws they broke. Do they think they are different from or better than us? What a bunch of bottom feeders and hypocrites! Maybe it’s time we rethink the power we have given them over us because the way that power is now being wielded is certainly not what we had in mind when we, the people, created that department and allowed them to pick our pockets for the “greater good”!