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June 25, 2014

Sound Off

Plant stolen

This is to the person that stole a beautiful plant from my family’s grave. St. James Cemetery in Haverhill is well cared for cemetery where many people go to visit their loved ones and pray. I have for 65 years. What a lowlife you must be! Just remember that God saw you and I hope it haunts you for the rest of your life.

No respect

What does this country have against aging? There’s no respect for elders. Television and movies are all aimed at the young with dystopian societies, sci-fi, sexy vampires and super-heroes. Commercials and ads aimed at the seniors are for miracle creams that knock 10 years off your face or life insurance and all kinds of medications with side effects including suicidal thoughts. Is that a hint? Just a simple reminder, folks: Those seniors you are ignoring put you on this earth in the first place. Without them you would not be here.

History lesson

It’s a shame Haverhill’s own history is being shipped away. Why couldn’t the Woolworth soda fountain counter be reused in the new Hunking School? It could have been a great piece for the main office as well as an important history lesson for our kids!


I can’t believe that the Powers That Be in Haverhill still think urban renewal works. Why tear down perfectly good buildings to put up ones nobody can afford. Plus, we all will be paying for it because UMass wants to use it. Leave the buildings alone and open Woolworth back up. Haverhill really needs a store like that.

Recipe for tyranny

In response to the folks who support the Garcia sisters and Patrick Bick’s decisions to vote against the New Hampshire casino bill, especially the writers who applaud them for taking the higher “moral ground” by voting against a restored Rockingham Park with a casino, even though 80 percent of Salem voters support the bill: Let me remind you that our government is a representative government. Our representatives represent all of us, not just you! Majority rules, remember? One writer even suggested that he or she did not care if representatives vote against 100 percent of their constituency, so long as they vote their conscience. Do realize what you are saying? That is a recipe for tyranny! The folks that vote, care. They took the time to leave their jobs, family to vote. If you were on the receiving end of a small vocal minority pushing you around, you would certainly have a different point of view. If you are OK with a few to rule the many, well, we might as well have kings and lords!

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