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June 26, 2014

Sound Off


Last Friday there were two accidents in one day at the intersection of Brandy Brow and Amesbury roads in Haverhill. Are they waiting for a fatality before they put blinking lights up? At the second accident I was directing traffic before the police chief showed.


The Route 114 and Route 125 Andover bypass intersection next to Royal Crest in North Andover is a serious safety concern. Every morning there are cars running red lights traveling west on Route 114. It’s common to have two to three cars deep running the red light. Rarely do I see a police car patrolling this intersection. North Andover police, please take notice before someone is seriously injured.


Secretary of State John Kerry just landed in Baghdad, the newest war zone in Obama’s incoherent Middle East foreign policy. As he was walking down the aircraft steps, a gust of wind mussed up his perfectly coiffed hair. He immediately put himself in for another Purple Heart.

Too loud

Regarding speeding motorcycles and loud cars in Haverhill: I agree with the writer in Riverside. The noise from the motorcycles and loud cars speeding up and down Lincoln Avenue and onto Lackey Street and Burnham Street to Groveland Street is deafening at all times of the day and night in the area of the Riversedge Plaza. The motorcycles and loud cars on Groveland Street can be heard from Lincoln Avenue and long after they have crossed the bridge in Groveland or gone past the stadium.

Be fair

As long as we’re quoting presidents, let’s be fair. Bush stood on an aircraft carrier and said “Mission Accomplished.” Now let’s move on to President Obama who said, “We have al-Qaida on the run.” In view of the war in Afghanistan and what’s happening in Iraq lately, it certainly doesn’t look like it. Bogus claims aren’t reserved for one president.

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