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June 26, 2014

Letter: Cormier is best choice for state Senate

To the editor:

There are very few people who run for elected office and then keep their promises. New Hampshire state Rep. Jane Cormier is one of those rare people. She has not only represented the people in her district -- she has represented all us in New Hampshire. She believes in small government, liberty and freedom. She believes in states’ rights and local control. She believes in parental rights, and that education decisions should be made by each individual town. She acknowledges that above all others, parents know what is best for their children.

Rep. Cormier has traveled all across New Hampshire giving presentations to dozens and dozens of towns to share her views and educate our citizens about the excessive overreach of the federal government via the Department of Education, HUD, EPA and the Department of Transportation. She has provided insights into the different types of grants and programs that come with strings attached, leading to severe losses of freedom by empowering unelected bureaucrats to literally bypass our elected representatives.

Rep. Cormier is a true leader who is well informed, well spoken, and energetic. She is not afraid to speak her mind -- and always does so respectfully. If all of our elected government representatives had Rep. Cormier’s values -- this country would be fixed overnight. She is running for New Hampshire’s state Senate, and I respectfully ask that you seriously consider supporting her.

I have been told that running for a state Senate seat costs an average of $100,000. Rep. Cormier knows this is a challenge because she will not be supported by the special interest groups that wield great influence. She needs our grass-roots financial support -- and she is worthy of it. I urge you to consider helping Rep. Cormier get her message out to those in her Senate district. Freedom is not free. If we all chip in even a small amount -- it will make a difference.

After being elected, Sen. Cormier will represent all of us in New Hampshire.

Ken Eyring


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