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July 1, 2014

Letter: DeCologero is best choice for state representative

To the editor:

I don’t blame people who are left cynical of government and jaded by politicians. Too often we are approached by candidates who make empty promises — promises which are either forgotten or worse, broken. This is why I am so disappointed with state Rep. Diana DiZoglio.

In 2012, Rep. DiZoglio went door-to-door lamenting the need for transparency and accountability. Unfortunately, these words were spoken with little conviction, as Rep. DiZoglio appears to have had zero intention of ever following through. With her first votes being against putting all bills online before they’re voted on and against making her committee votes available on the web, Rep. DiZoglio showed she was just more of the same. All that campaign talk of transparency was easily forgotten once she was elected.

I’ve met Rep. DiZoglio and find her to be quite polite and pleasant. However, all the pleasantries in the world cannot make up for when politicians say one thing on the campaign trail, but do another once elected. This is why I am giving my vote to Phil DeCologero.

Phil has been a proven, productive and trusted member of the Merrimack Valley community for many years. Throughout that time Phil and I have found ourselves on the same side and opposite side of many issues both big and small. Whether I agreed with Phil or not, I always admired his principles, honesty and ability to disagree without being disagreeable.

It’s easy to agree with someone. But what impresses me more is how a person acts when there is disagreement. Rep. DiZoglio has shown that she is willing to say whatever wins over our vote at our doorsteps and is convenient on the stump. At the same time, Phil DeCologero has long proven to be a person we can trust to be honest and up-front. Frankly, our government needs more of that.

Please join me in voting for Phil in the Democratic primary on Sept. 9, because it’s long overdue that we elect a leader we can trust, the 14th Essex District deserves no less.

Bill Kelly

North Andover

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