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July 2, 2014

Sound Off

Tough week

Tough week for Obama at the Supreme Court. First, they rebuke him by throwing out his recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board as unconstitutional, then they throw out the part of Obamacare that requires that companies pay for birth control. This pesky “checks and balances” thing just isn’t working out for him. Or perhaps he believes the Supreme Court is just “acting stupidly.”

Be reasonable

Why should women expect to get free contraceptive services when I, with a severe heart problem, cannot get my medication free of charge to allow me to live. Let’s be reasonable.

Bishops’ strategy

The U.S. Catholic bishops should take a lesson from other evangelical Christians. The bishops, instead of fighting the administration through the courts, just bowed down to Obama and got waivers that use an accounting trick to “not” pay for contraceptives. Catholic institutions are still paying for contraceptives every time they pay their health insurance premiums. The sad fact is that you’ll find that a majority of Catholic bishops voted for Obama.

Don’t be fooled

Do you wonder why the Democratic Party is pushing so hard for Phil DeCologero? I will tell you. They want another bobble head that they can control. Whether you like Rep. Diana DiZoglio or not, she cannot be controlled by the party, and the good old boys can’t have that. Folks, don’t be fooled in September.

Hold responsible

Regarding the comment “Lost votes”: I suggest we have the representatives, such as the Garcia sisters, be held responsible for their own actions and not the party with which they are affiliated. That’s the problem with voting a party line. There are these type of folks in both parties, who feel they know best what is good for us because they are much smarter than we are!

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