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July 3, 2014

Sound Off

New dorms

It’s just horrible. Merrimack College intends to build five dorms housing 350 kids right on top of a residential Andover neighborhood. Merrimack seems to have no concern for the impact dorms will have on their residential neighbors with the increase in noise, traffic, crime and pollution. They have many less intrusive places they could put the new dorms. Merrimack doesn’t have to pay a dime in taxes, yet this will increase the burden on our town as they utilizing our fire, police and ambulance services. We taxpayers are footing the bill while Merrimack gets to pat themselves on the back for their new president’s “Plan of Distinction.” David, meet Goliath.

Great show

I had the pleasure of attending the Windham High School Fireworks Show. There was a great performance by Lynda and the B Street Bombers. What a talented group of musicians. I look forward to seeing them again and I wish there were more outdoor concerts.

Tennis fix

An article in a recent paper mentioned that too much money has ruined tennis. Of course too much money has ruined all sports. However he left out the one thing that has now made tennis boring to watch -- that is the two-handed backhand. When Jimmy Connors played the two-handed backhand he also played the all-court game -- attacking the net, overhead smashes, cutting the ball to just clear the net, etc. When Roger Federer came along in his prime they actually asked what kind of game he was playing, they didn’t have a clue, and he is the best of all time. If a strong American started playing the one-handed, all-court game, by the time he is 19 he could be the next world champ for the simple reason there are no others around like that.

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