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July 4, 2014

Sound Off


I recently met Shaun Toohey, we talked about politics and the many issues we face. I can get very heated and go on forever when talking politics. He told me to call him anytime if I had any questions and he gave me his personal cell phone number. I called him up a few days later and he answered. I’m impressed. In my experience, most politicians only give you office numbers or emails. They usually never respond. Thank you Shaun for answering my phone call and following up with the concern I had. I support you for state Senate.

IRS scandal

I agree whole-heartedly with Sunday’s editorial on the IRS scandal except for the following sentence: “Americans need to know that the most powerful and feared bureaucracy in Washington is not being used as a political weapon against them.” It’s too late for that! We already know it’s been used against us. What we really need is to know who in the White House coordinated the effort and throw them in jail!

Gas tax

The recent article about the increase in the gas tax brought to light the many New Hampshire drivers who either live in a dream world or don’t know how to read. The increase has been in the paper multiple times during the month of June and before. However, these people didn’t know the state would implement the tax on July 1, they just new gas prices go up every July and the state certainly wouldn’t add the new tax at the same time. Really? They complained it was going to cost them more to drive their vehicles and make a living. But think for a moment, it’s these same people who complain that our highways have holes in them; the bridges are falling down and where are the snowplows in the winter.

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