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July 4, 2014

Letter: Bigger government means less freedom

To the editor:

Having been a former ardent Democrat under Jimmy Carter and seeing and living under his failed policies, it was a pleasant relief to see a man like Ronald Reagan aspire to the presidency. Truly, if there was ever a need to turn this country back to fiscal sanity it was then — and now. Millions of Democrats including union members, joined by voting against President Carter’s re-election bid some 34 years ago. Unemployment and inflation was out of control, debt was growing out of hand, and Big Government had been expanded by 100,000 federal workers jobs.

Today, we have President Obama, asking us to trust him as he grows bigger government in just five years by 250,000 workers being paid outrageous salaries by the taxpayers of this country to these elitist individuals. Obama’s fostering of government handouts — this is not unemployment — is to keep 44 million people on food stamps. People dependent on the federal government fostering a socialist, European-style society. This increase is unsustainable along with the new Obamacare, which if not corrected will eventually destroy the Medicare and Social Security programs we have now.

The constant pandering by this president shows a record of failed policies since 2009. One needs to ask, are all these South American illegals coming to America across our border going to overwhelm the system? One also needs to ask who is watching out for the financial system and rising debt that will lead to less American freedom?

We need a president who understands and recognizes private business and will protect rights and opportunities for all, one who believes in our individual Bill of Rights, who will inspire America to greatness like other great presidents have. Obama must not ignore the problems by saying he will not negotiate with Republicans. Our country faces a possible default on its debt soon; he should not be sitting around deciding to go on another expensive taxpayer-funded, million-dollar vacation while our free country transforms to a socialistic, progressive system and our great country’s freedom is lost!

Ed Brooks


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