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July 8, 2014

Sound Off

Solve problem

Hey, town of North Andover and Zoning Board: When are you going to step up and help the new Dunkin Donuts on Route 125 open? This is lost revenue and taxes for the town, and we need to help and support those who want to do business in our town. This is a shame they have been ready for business for over six months and still are not open. Whatever the problem is, let’s solve it and let other businesses know we are here to help so they will want to move to North Andover.

Left in car

I want to know how someone can forget their child is in the car? Seriously! The child has to be making some kind of noise. And you forget child in the car because you have so much on your mind? I don’t buy it! There are no excuses for leaving a child of any age in any vehicle! Whether it be your vehicle or a school bus or van.

For the people

Every day we hear or read our politicians have lost their understanding of why they were elected. It is to serve the people who they represent not the lobbyists or special interests who funnel money to them. We the citizens pay their salaries and in most cases expenses to and from work. Now we have politicians leaving public service and becoming lobbyists. They now have the contacts needed to enhance their pensions and wealth at the taxpayers expense. How many days do they really work -- giving free ice cream at senior centers, showing up for camera events when it benefits them? Gas tax hikes, increase toll roads. We still haven’t seen the end of the Big Dig which by the way is obsolete. Unfortunately I must go to the doctor in Boston since retiring a few times a year. Lights are falling from ceilings injury citizens, water is leaking, traffic congestion, closing airport tunnels? When are our elected officials going to no say no more corruption in the name of progress. Then there’s the VA scandal, clogging our border with illegal immigrants, busing and putting them on planes all over the country, especially without health clearance to enter this country, the IRS losing emails. Voters think of your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It is my last wish in life to see us become again, by the people, for the people and of the people government.

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