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July 8, 2014

Letter: Compel Obama to uphold the law

To the editor:

Our government is now run by union bureaucrats who have become lost in their own ideology. Ted Kennedy re-wrote immigration law in the 1965 and enabled the influx of needy illegal aliens from the third world happening today. Rather than enforce the laws punishing businesses for hiring illegals, deporting illegal aliens, or closing our borders, this president and his acolytes are sponsoring and supporting illegal actions to foster their political agenda to “remake America.”

The Department of Homeland Security ran a Request For Proposal in January for contractors to transport “65,000 UAC’s” around the country and is a pure illustration of this. It occurred before the problem grew and accurately predicted the number. Add to that the ads on television in the three countries in Central America telling their citizens to come here, and you have a strategy to flood America with indigent children who will then bring in their parents as the new voting bloc.

These “anchor babies” have been proven to be infested with tuberculosis, whooping cough, polio, malaria, dengue fever, and other third world diseases not seen here for decades. Over 30 percent are over 14 and are members of gangs. Rather than immediately sending them back over border, we are spreading their disease and violence all over the country. They are the responsibility of their home countries, not us.

Americans are waking up to the disaster and refusing to accept these illegals. They demand the president uphold his Presidential Oath and enforce the laws on the books. Go after businesses who employ illegals and fine them and deport the illegal workers. Deport those found crossing the border. Close the border. If not, Obama should be impeached, along with Eric Holder, and run out of Washington. They promised to uphold the law. That is the law.

Bill Weimar


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