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July 9, 2014

Sound Off

ISIS and Bush

As Republicans indulge in their latest anti-Obama feeding frenzy over ISIS taking over large parts of Iraq, I caution them to avoid their customary revisionist history. Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq was based on blatant, bald-faced lies about WMD and how we would be hailed as liberators. In reality, he overthrew a stable (if tyrannical) government with a well-trained army and replaced it with total chaos, a self-aggrandizing conman as president and a new army that turns and runs at the first sign of danger. He also negotiated our exit strategy and left his successor to pick up the pieces of this mess.

Job well done

Impeach President Obama? For what, doing his job? Getting this economy back on track, giving people health insurance. Placing the order to kill Osama Bin Laden. The housing markets are rebounding, and the stock markets are at an all time high. And now the Republicans are trying to a sue the president. That’s a laugh.


I had forgotten what a wonderful musical the show “1776” was when thanks to a rainy, windy 4th of July, our whole family, young and old, saw and thoroughly enjoyed the vintage movie on TV. What a great lesson in history, patriotism and political cooperation, and all presented with good humor and a fab musical score. What a great idea it would be if one of our local theater groups would perform this show each year on the weekend before the Fourth. What a wonderful tradition that would be — and a sellout I bet!

Paint the numbers

Haverhill downtown parking garage inspectors and “taggers” should team up. Please have someone replace the worn out parking garage painted numbers on the garage floor. This will help me to identify my parking location when I go to pay at the kiosk! Inspectors do your job. Convicted taggers, repay your debt to society!

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