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July 11, 2014


Don’t blame Bush

I keep reading over and over on how Bush got us involved in an illegal war. Let’s set the matter straight. The Senate voted to give Bush the authority to handle the situation in Iraq however he saw fit, including invasion. He did not invade without their consent. Hence, it was not illegal. The same can’t be said about his successor, however, who continues to make decisions on his own, without authority, and by not going through the proper channels.

Actions speak louder

I got a chuckle out of William Klessens’ letter blasting Republicans for blocking Obama’s Equal Pay Act. Unfortunately for Mr. Klessens, the Obama White House pays female staffers 87 cents compared to a dollar for male staffers. Oops! Has Obama joined the fictitious “War on Women?” Or is he just “talking the talk?” Actions do speak louder than words.

Plan ahead, Haverhill

Regarding the hundreds of new condos and apartments planned as part of the redevelopment of Merrimack Street in Haverhill, I hope the School Department has a plan to absorb all the additional kids without further degrading a school system that already rates poorly when compared with other cities and towns.

Reality check needed

I guess you call 92 million people out of work, millions who have completely stopped looking a “job well done?” How about record numbers of people on food stamps? Check out the price of gas lately? Price of food? Why is it that black unemployment among males is at a record high? I’m watching the news and seeing thousands of people crossing the borders and held in camps, protests, not to mention a president who feels he can go around Congress whenever he pleases. Thank you personally for helping to bring this country down by dividing the people and refusing to see reality.

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