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July 12, 2014


Don’t blame men

I don’t understand. Women have treated men terribly in the last few years, claiming inequality in all segments of society. Declaring men as chauvinists and no longer as the breadwinner and so not the head of households. They’re not even needed in a family to have children. So, you reap what you sow. Women are now very capable of opening their own doors and maybe even open doors for men. Boys have learned by seeing the way their fathers are being treated and now act accordingly. The days of gentlemen are gone now. Thanks, ladies.

Who’s watching out?

It is a pretty sad day when most of your public officials attend a meeting and don’t say a word. Do they not care about Andover? Buzz Stapinski had his tail between his legs, others could not answer questions and looked at each other for the answers. Kowalski was the only one to actually participate. Andover residents, watch out. Does anyone have your back?

Stockholders, not employees, count

Although I may agree with the Market Basket employees about the ouster of Arthur T., they are out of line. A corporation is responsible to their stockholders. As long as they are treating their employees fairly and legally, the employees don’t have the right to place demands on the company. These people are placing themselves in a position to be systematically eliminated from the company. Maybe not immediately, but over the course of time. The only groups of people who can, and have the right to place pressure on the corporation are the stockholders and the customer base. These employees should have tried to get their customers to rally against the company actions, not do it themselves. Whatever happens to you in the future you have brought on by your own actions.

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