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July 14, 2014


The EPA isn’t God

Do we now live in Nazi German or under the Communists who ran the USSR? Sure looks like it when the EPA thinks they can garnish an American’s salary if their arbitrary (as in not enacted into law by Congress) and whimsical fiats are not followed to the letter. Have these autocratic bureaucrats forgotten that we Americans pay their salaries? Where in their Congressional mandate does it say they can do this, and do it without benefit of any judicial proceedings or oversight? Just who do the people in the federal agency think they are? Who died and made them God? And where did this idea come from, let alone get enacted?

Where’s Arthur T?

Well, now I’m missing Arthur T. As a 32-year shopper of the Haverhill Street, Methuen Market Basket, I have had to visit a competitor three times in three weeks to buy Purdue boneless chicken breasts as they are always out of stock. Today, July 5, there was plenty and I felt great to be able to finish my weekly list. That was until I saw the dates. Some were July 4, some July 5 and some June 28. Off to Dracut I go.

Let tickets fund rotary

I have come up with a way to pay for the new Methuen rotary. The Massachusetts State Police patrol the Interstate 93 Merrimack bridge on the weekends and ticket all the idiots that use the breakdown lane when it is not legal. Drivers who get on 93 south at Exit 46 stay in the breakdown lane until Exit 45 and drivers going north when they reach Exit 45 go in the breakdown lane until they Exit at 46. This happens all weekend long.

Useless accessory

There is a way for car companies to save money on manufacturing cars: Omit the directional or blinker. No one uses them any way. What’s the sense in putting them in cars.

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