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July 18, 2014

Sound Off

Immigrant crisis

Gov. Deval Patrick wants to host immigrant children who recently crossed the U.S. border illegally. He emphasized that the federal government would foot the cost of housing the children. That is a bunch of baloney. When a politician makes a statement like that they make it sound like someone else is picking up the tab. The truth is we will all be paying for this living nightmare. Gov. Patrick cannot resolve the homeless problem that now exists in Massachusetts. Let him clean up our own state’s problems before volunteering to pull his buddy Obama out of the firestorm that he created.

Probation hires

Steven Baddour was just another typical politician serving for themselves and all their crony friends.

Blank check

I thought we were voting for a new school in Bradford -- which I wisely voted against — but I guess the citizens of Haverhill actually voted to give the City Council and School Committee a big fat blank check. First, the City Council gave themselves a pay raise so they can have some extra money to give to charities when asked — and I thought they were actually using their own money­ — and now I read in The Eagle-Tribune that the School Committee is giving itself a $2,400 a year raise. But they call it a hike in their expense accounts. I wish I could vote to quadruple my expense account but I know the only thing that will be hiked will be my property taxes -- again.

English, please

While shopping in a major department store in Haverhill today I was very upset to have to listen to an announcement in Spanish. We live in America and the announcements should only be made in English which happens to be the national language. I feel like the minority in my own city of 70 years.

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