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November 16, 2010

Letter: Bow hunting is cruel and should be banned

To the editor:

In the Oct. 26 edition, The Eagle-Tribune reported that proponents of "bow hunting" are promoting and perpetuating the atrocious practice, in spite of the fact that bow hunting causes excruciating physical pain and extreme emotional distress to the animals used as targeted victims. Such proponents are standing fast on the feeble argument that bow hunters purportedly have the birthright to carry on with the barbaric practice, as an option in controlling deer overpopulation in Andover based on "heritage" and "tradition" grounds and (blood) money gains.

Fortunately, humane control of wildlife overpopulation is a proven successful option by way of in the field tranquilizing, anesthetizing and sterilizing such animals. Detailed hands-on procedures on this are clearly defined and available on request from reputable animal protection organizations such as The Humane Society of the United States.

The banning of cruel practices imposed on animals can be implemented via public awareness of such practices along with interest in the matter, empathy, compassion, and resolute action to stop cruelty, by pressing political figures to take effective measures which would well serve this profoundly meaningful cause. Establishing a proposed "Citizens Against Bow Hunting" coalition within the readership region of The Eagle-Tribune would be an excellent way to launch such a campaign.

An outstanding example of such a successful initiative was evident when the July 29 edition of The Eagle-Tribune reported that mainstream citizens of Spain, along with international support, successfully convinced political figures to ban the atrocious, centuries-old, bullfighting blood sport, dispelling the feeble argument of bullfighting proponents that this horrible social practice should be perpetuated based on "heritage" and "tradition" grounds.

Let's convince our recently elected political figures to ban the unconscionably cruel practice of bow hunting in our region, beginning now!

John Joseph


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