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July 14, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

Letter on special needs students hit home

To the editor:

Thank you to Nora Lyons Sauter for her letter to the editor (“To understand the issue of special needs students, get to know one,” July 8). It was a beautiful letter. I’m an adult with many illnesses due to premature birth, and I’m still teaching other adults to understand special needs.

Gina Marie Garafalo


Paula Deen treated like roadkill

To the editor:

I am in pure disbelief and completely disgusted with the recent destruction of Paula Deen, a person beloved by everyone who was familiar with her, her wonderful family and her sincere love of people. Her life has been completely ruined, as if she were an animal you would run over in the road.

Paula has been an icon for many years and made us happy just to be a part of her life as we watched her warm and wonderful television program. She made a mistake and is paying mercilessly for it.

Don’t expect me to think that she is the only person in this life who may have used a word that insulted the black community. Paula is exuberant and full of fun and frolic and, in so being, may have stepped out of line.

Why are we not throwing the glorious Martha Stewart into the trash? She went to jail in the name of the American people, whom she cheated, and her life has not been ruined.

Those who have destroyed Paula will pay some day and will deserve it.

Dot Nolin

North Andover

Scouts help SARL fulfill its mission

To the editor:

On behalf of the Salem Animal Rescue League, I would like to thank Salem Girl Scout Troop 10784 and Scout leader Rae-Marie Wissekerke and the Girl Scouts from Camp Runels in Pelham.

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