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July 21, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

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---- — Governor’s disingenuous amendment to Transportation Bill

To the editor:

The House of Representatives rejected the governor’s call for additional and automatic gas tax increases above what is currently proposed in the Legislative Transportation Bill for very good reason.

The governor’s disapproval of the legislative transportation package stems from his belief that not enough funding is being appropriated to expand public transportation at this time. I say, and many of my colleagues have said, that we need to focus on repairing deficient roads and bridges and require more reforms at the MBTA that will force the MBTA to spend money appropriated by the Legislature for capital improvements on capital improvements, as opposed to personnel costs.

The fundamental disagreement between the Legislature and the governor regarding the balance between investing in new and additional public transportation, versus fixing what is broken and unsafe, is a healthy and welcome debate.

However, the governor is now hiding behind an amendment he submitted that is disingenuous, an amendment that claims Massachusetts transportation funding will be seriously impacted when the Massachusetts Turnpike tolls expire in 2017. Transportation officials and elected officials know that the tolls on the Pike, by law, will need to remain in place for maintenance of that roadway.

For the governor to hold up a good bill that provides a large and needed increase to every city and town in the Commonwealth for local road repair and that focuses on repairing roads and bridges in need of repair to maintain public safety is not in the public interest. The construction season is short and cities and towns need this funding immediately.

Linda Campbell


State representative, 15th Essex District

Left’s hatred fueled case against Zimmerman

To the editor:

The Left has a problem. After investing all it had into portraying George Zimmerman as the poster boy for rampant racism in the U.S., thus distracting from the violence in the black community caused by family-destroying liberal policies, a Florida jury found that George Zimmerman was neither the aggressor nor an intentional killer.

We are told every day by the Left how awful it is for a non-white in this country. Blacks are held back by non-blacks. Except they are not. Muslims are afraid to leave their homes. Except they are not. The Tea Party is violent and racist, but not one example has been

brought forth to support this.

At the core of these accusations is hatred. Hatred by the Left of its ideological and political enemies. And after years of decrying racism in our country, along comes the George Zimmerman case and the race-baiters and hate-mongers have the chance to fabricate an example to bolster their accusations.

First,after being disappointed that Zimmerman was not white, a new being had to be created for this case: the white Hispanic.

Next Trayvon Martin had to be portrayed with complete dishonesty. He was shown to be the innocent child just buying Skittles. Never did we see the 17-year-old thug bragging on social media about his street fighting and lamenting that the last opponent he beat did not bleed enough. Nor did we see the person caught with a horde of women’s jewelry,a screwdriver and pot in his bag at school or the guy who punched a school bus driver.

Zimmerman was not the racist the Left needed him to be. So NBC, as usual, helped the Leftist cause and, with malice, falsified evidence by doctoring the 911 recording and playing it for the country. Now we have a racist.

The Sanford Police chief who said the evidence supported Zimmerman’s claims was replaced by someone who knew what he was expected to do. The prosecutor who did not see enough evidence for an indictment was replaced by one who knew her duty was not to the Constitution but to the Left’s hate agenda.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson descended on Sanford, leaving deception and hatred in their wakes. Eric Holder’s Department of Justice was deployed to Sanford to foment public anger and the president of the United States tipped the scales of justice with his remark that the son he never had would look like Trayvon Martin.

And when the jury was somehow able to see through all that to the truth, the haters and liars were outraged. Yes, there were hate crimes committed in Sanford, many of them. But none was committed by George Zimmerman.

Wayne Matthews


Patrick’s legacy-building a disservice to taxpayers

To the editor:

In the last stages of his tenure, Gov. Patrick is largely motivated by a desire to establish his legacy. And sadly his aspirations are predicated on social engineering rather than sensible accommodations for the hard-working taxpayers of Massachusetts.

The latest example is his assault on local aid. An astute negotiator and deal-maker, the governor has employed a brutish tactic in vetoing $417 from the transportation spending and local aid components of the state’s $34 billion spending plan in order to force a negotiated decision on a separate transportation financing bill.

To his credit, components of his legacy-building are enlightened. In particular, his consistent focus on bolstering education funding, freezing tuition hikes at state schools and devoting new energy and resources to early education are commendable. He recently stated, “This budget invests in many of our most important needs as a Commonwealth, especially education.”

Yet local aid is one of those underpinnings and holding it hostage to support measures such as the one forcibly ushered in by executive order last November demands public outcry and legislative intervention to reverse it. At this critical hour, taxpayers and those inclined to petition their state legislators should be reminded that the governor, by executive order, declared that undocumented aliens should pay the same tuition rates at state colleges and universities as legal Massachusetts residents if they have obtained work permits.

In this caustic environment of a testing of wills, my hope is that our local legislators, with the power to override the veto, will establish a new legacy: that politicians with grandiose schemes of social engineering need not apply here anymore. Yes, even here in Massachusetts!

Joe D’Amore

Groveland, MA