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July 21, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor


We are told every day by the Left how awful it is for a non-white in this country. Blacks are held back by non-blacks. Except they are not. Muslims are afraid to leave their homes. Except they are not. The Tea Party is violent and racist, but not one example has been

brought forth to support this.

At the core of these accusations is hatred. Hatred by the Left of its ideological and political enemies. And after years of decrying racism in our country, along comes the George Zimmerman case and the race-baiters and hate-mongers have the chance to fabricate an example to bolster their accusations.

First,after being disappointed that Zimmerman was not white, a new being had to be created for this case: the white Hispanic.

Next Trayvon Martin had to be portrayed with complete dishonesty. He was shown to be the innocent child just buying Skittles. Never did we see the 17-year-old thug bragging on social media about his street fighting and lamenting that the last opponent he beat did not bleed enough. Nor did we see the person caught with a horde of women’s jewelry,a screwdriver and pot in his bag at school or the guy who punched a school bus driver.

Zimmerman was not the racist the Left needed him to be. So NBC, as usual, helped the Leftist cause and, with malice, falsified evidence by doctoring the 911 recording and playing it for the country. Now we have a racist.

The Sanford Police chief who said the evidence supported Zimmerman’s claims was replaced by someone who knew what he was expected to do. The prosecutor who did not see enough evidence for an indictment was replaced by one who knew her duty was not to the Constitution but to the Left’s hate agenda.

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