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July 20, 2013

Sound Off

Hypocrite Hillary

Hillary Clinton is a total hypocrite and should win the Academy Award for acting. She recently spoke at a black college and was so sympathetic toward the Trayvon Martin family and said she thought his death was an outrage. She didn’t feel that way about the four dead in Benghazi. Instead, she asked, “What does it matter?” Please, Hillary, don’t run for president. America deserves much better than another Clinton.

Punk patrol

Hillary Clinton says her prayers are with Trayvon Martin’s family and that no parent should have to fear for children walking down the street. Why wasn’t she saying that no mother in her own home with a 3-month-old baby should have to get a pair of rusty scissors to protect herself when two punks broke into her home? This was the case for the woman who testified for George Zimmerman at his trial. This occurred in the neighborhood that Zimmerman was attempting to protect! Stop pandering to one group to get votes in the future. Stop punks from breaking into homes and there will not be a reason for Zimmerman-type watchmen to carry guns to protect their neighbors.

George and Aaron

So after they stunned everyone with the verdict, how do the George Zimmerman jurors honestly feel now? I’m sure they are sticking by their votes. But we’re talking about an unarmed teenager against a wannabe cop. Zimmerman approached Trayvon Martin, not the other way around. And why was Zimmerman carrying a gun? Martin was not in Zimmerman’s yard and the police told Zimmerman to stay away from him. Not making light of this, but what’s Aaron Hernandez thinking? Wishing he was in Florida?

Fla. not Wisc.

Jurors in Florida should have followed the lead of the jurors in Wisconsin. There they found a 76-year-old old man guilty of shooting an unarmed teenager who was only 13!

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