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July 20, 2013

Column: Conservatives should fight liberal word games


Thus, the left argues, shut down the coal industry — its 91,000 workers be damned.

Again, too many on the right unthinkingly help discredited global warmers like President Obama by parroting the left’s “climate change” terminology.

Hence, conservatives should drop “climate change.” Instead, challenge so-called “global warming.” Make environmentalists prove their previous contention: that Earth is warming, despite contradictory satellite observations, and not just changing climate. By definition, Earth does this constantly.

Democrats these days rarely defend food stamps. There is something drably welfare-state about that moniker. Instead, Obama and his fans now swoon for “SNAP.” The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is the same thing. However, SNAP sounds fun, light and breezy — like snapping one’s fingers. Here, too, Republicans now debate SNAP. Stop that!

America’s food stamp population has ballooned 47.5 percent under Obama, from 32.2 million in January 2009 to 47.5 million last April. A snappy, new name only makes food stamps more appealing and tougher to curb.

Obama lately has promised to take “executive action” to “get around Congress,” when that pesky, old legislative branch foolishly obstructs his enlightened agenda. Executive action is good. It trumps stasis. At least Obama is doing something.

Of course, an executive action is nothing other than an executive order. Yuck! Orders sound bossy and perhaps a touch authoritarian — like decrees. So, conservatives should avoid “executive action” and, instead, greet skeptically any and every “executive order” that Obama contemplates.

Likewise, rightists should address Obamacare, rather than a slowly disintegrating punchline called the “Affordable Care Act.”

It’s still “gun control,” especially when liberals sponsor “gun-safety legislation.”

Carbon dioxide helps plants thrive, as we humans exhale it. So, instead of attacking CO2, Obama now derides “carbon pollution.” This cleverly connotes charcoal dust falling from the skies.

And Obama’s spendaholism remains a national crisis, even though he praises “investment.”

So, when progressives oppose climate change and seek more investment in SNAP, Reaganites should reject such jargon. Instead, remind Americans that these are just liberals screaming about global warming and demanding more government spending on food stamps.

Deroy Murdock is a columnist with Scripps Howard News Service and a media fellow with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University. Email him at deroy.murdock@gmail.com.

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