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July 26, 2013

Letter: Obama should have learned from 'beer summit'

To the editor:

President Obama stuck his big foot in his mouth again on the race issue.

I remember shortly after he took office, a Harvard University professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr., was arrested for disorderly conduct during an investigation of reports of a break-in. The professor just happened to be black and it happened to be his home. He refused to show the police his ID and became belligerent, claiming the cop was a racist and he was being carded because he was black.

Obama was premature to say that the arresting officer “acted stupidly” and was guilty of profiling. Then word got to the press that the arresting officer wrote the book on “anti-profiling” procedure for the police academy and taught the anti-profiling course at the academy as well.

The White House went straight into damage control mode. The result? The old beer summit between the arrested and the arresting officer.

I think many people forgot this story, but it certainly shows the president’s inability to be impartial on the race issue. It’s the same today. He most certainly isn’t going to get George Zimmerman and the parents of Trayvon Martin together for a cold one at the White House to end this racial controversy.

There shouldn’t be a controversy anyway. Zimmerman was unanimously acquitted, Nine out of 10 protesters out there did not even follow the facts mentioned during the trial. The president certainly thought he did his homework on the words he chose but went straight toward the “race issue” instead of the Constitution and the judicial system that saved someone from a horrible injustice.

Then again, we are all human. White or black, our human tendency is to side with our peers rather than the truth, and that is the epitome of what is wrong with the world and why we are here.

Timothy Belanger


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