EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

May 23, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Casino and Obamacare

Thank you to Paul Houle for a rational, civilized letter to the editor (“Casino vote a test of our democratic process and majority rule,” May 20). As for the four representatives to whom you direct your request for an explanation on their stand, I do believe that was already given last week: Some representatives are not happy with the details of the bill as written. Sure, 81 percent of Salem voters are for a casino. But does that mean that 81 percent are for this particular bill, exactly as it stands? Do 100 percent of Salem voters know the details of this bill? Or should this be another Obamacare experience, when representatives vote for something first, then read it over afterwards? This is too important a measure for the town and the region for the first bill that comes along to be rammed into existence.

Potty problem

I can’t believe I brought guests to Winnekenni Castle to show them what a beautiful place we have for a picnic, and there were no bathrooms! Our great city of Haverhill cannot afford to put a bathroom up there for the weekend guests? I was so embarrassed. I will not bring anymore guests there from out of town. Are we supposed to go to the bathroom in the woods?

Negative nellies

I would like to see the results of a poll of Haverhill city councilors on how many calls they each received from people that were held up from going on vacation because of the firefighters collecting for muscular dystrophy. This is like the 14 people that had prayer removed from schools all across the nation. People are accustomed to the firefighters doing this all across the country on that weekend and look forward to being part of it. I hope everyone gives an extra dollar to offset the damage that will be done by a very few negative, self-serving people.

Border escape

If I want to get from point A to point B safely, I would never take a ride in a Lawrence taxi cab. Have you seen the dents, seen them drive right over people’s lawns, constantly breaking honking ordinances? I’m going to call Andover Taxi and have them meet me at the border if I need a cab. The funniest part of this is all the clowns that voted for the asinine ordinance.

Buck stops where?

After watching the White House’s response to the Bengazi-IRS-AP scandals, one thing is clear: We will never hear the words “The Buck Stops Here,” from the Oval Office.

Do something

I truly believe that it is about time that the Andover Police Department or town manager or Board of Selectmen do something about the High Street and Harding Street intersection. There is an accident there every week. I live right there at the intersection and have had four vehicles crash into my yard. Are they waiting for someone to get killed?

Shame on Dems

All you brainwashed liberal Democrats are in denial about these Obama administration threats to our democracy. How can you stand there and nod your heads that no crimes have been committed? You should be ashamed of yourselves.