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May 25, 2013

Sound Off

Gotta go first

To Potty Problem: You live here, brought people to Winnekenni, THEN found out there were no restrooms? If you had been to the park, you would have known before you lugged others along. Many places don’t have restrooms and people manage just fine. Ever have a kid play Little League? There are no RR’s on any of the city’s fields. If I saw a line of Porta Loos, I’d leave. I’m in my 40’s and have never used one of those disgusting things. I find them foul and vulgar to even look upon, and they cheapen any event. If you’ve ever been to a real lake or the wild mountains or the unbuilt-up seaside, or any scenic picnic spot along America’s highways, you’ll not find RR’s. Standard rule is: “You go before you go.”

No drama, please

As we begin again in Methuen with the selection process for a new city solicitor, please, let’s not import any drama from Lawrence. We would have to have our heads examined if we brought any Lawrence politics to Methuen.

Where are we?

Lawrence just continues to find ways to blow money. It is now going to fight a losing battle in court. The new cab ordinance is a joke. I seldom take a cab so it doesn’t affect me, but I am amazed (maybe not) that there can be seven on the council that think this will be allowed. Mr. Moran, do you know where you are? This is America.

Gestapo tactics

I certainly hope the courts find against the city of Lawrence and the idiots on the council who voted for this insane taxi law. Where does the council get off thinking they can ban free enterprise from outside communities with their Gestapo-like tactics? What’s next, arresting delivery drivers because the merchandise wasn’t purchased in Lawrence?

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