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July 16, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Proud of jury

My faith has been restored in the American justice system. The jury in the George Zimmerman trial should have the utmost respect. They did the absolute right thing in acquitting George Zimmerman. The jury reviewed the facts and evidence and was not intimidated by the liberal left and the Obama administration that tried in vain to establish this trial as a racial incident. The Zimmerman jurors have made America proud. \

Liberal bullies

Amazing, isn't it? George Zimmerman is found not guilty by a jury of his peers, and the activists go crazy with their marches and mouthing off. O.J.Simpson is found not guilty by a jury of his peers, and not a peep comes out of any of them. And what about Eric Holder? He couldn't prosecute the African-American men who were outside a polling place in Philadelphia in 2008 with iron pipes in their hands as they intimidated the voters, but he thinks it's a good idea to bring a civil suit against George Zimmerman, even though Zimmerman has been found not guilty. These liberals are hypocrites and need to take a good look at themselves as they pick and choose who to bully next. Accept the verdict

How sad that society in the year of 2013 cannot accept a decision made by a jury of our peers finding a man not guilty of murder and that some feel they can use the "race" card or resort to violence to make their point, as though this will change the verdict.

Methuen dog killer

It is a shame that a grown man ran over and killed a small dog in front of its family. Neighbors tried to stop the man driving the U-Haul truck (he works for them) and he swerved around them and refused to stop. Man up and turn yourself in and apologize to Maggie's family.

Try to remember

All our local Democrats voted to raise taxes AGAIN! When you go to polls the next election you should remember this slap in the face to the public and vote for someone other than a Democrat. Unfortunately, the public has a short memory and will just keep voting the party that keeps raising your taxes,

A gem restored

Many thanks to the mayor and the director of public works for the repair to the benches at Methuen's Riverside Park. The repair was long overdue, but now this beautiful setting has been restored. Realizing that funds and manpower are tight within the city's budget, this is one grateful park walker who truly appreciates this delightful "gem of the neighborhood."

Wake up

Some day we all shall perish and leave the United States we cherish. The U.S. and the whole world have changed drastically for the worse. Greed, the lust for power and money have brought us down to the lowest of the low. Our government from top to bottom has leaned to the worst scenario. Wake up, good people, and see the light. You can help save us from this contagious blight. Voting for the right person is far more important than voting for the most popular.