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July 17, 2013

Sound Off

Proud American

I came to this country from Italy in 1929 as an infant. I am now an 84-year-old woman. When my father, mother, two older brothers and I arrived at Ellis Island, we were told to stand aside and wait for the remaining immigrants to arrive so we could be sprayed like insects to prevent diseases from entering this country. When I was in first grade, I was seated in the back with all the other children who spoke “broken” English. In the years that followed, we were called many names. I would be very hurt by these vile racial slurs but was never ashamed of my heritage. Back then, we had no laws to protect us from such harassment. I am an American citizen and a patriot and I love my country. God bless America and its golden opportunities.

Dog day

To the woman who left her dog in a sweltering car in the Cedardale parking lot while she “just dropped her kids off at camp” — your utter lack of common sense is mind-boggling. While I wasn’t the only passerby completely disgusted with your actions, I was the only one who took any action. The next time I see your dog in that car, I won’t bother to have you paged, I will just call the police.


Eric Holder and his Department of Justice are a disgrace to America. Holder has ordered the department to desperately pursue legal action of racial bias against George Zimmerman where there is none. The Zimmerman jury found no racial bias, and today the FBI is on record saying there is absolutely no evidence of racial bias. It’s disgusts me to see an attorney general and a president more interested in instigating racial tensions to continue to divide the American people. It’s time for Holder and Obama to resign and stop this insanity and unrest.

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