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July 22, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Everyday evil

“But he seemed so normal.” How often do we hear people say that after finding out their neighbor, classmate or family member raped, kidnapped or killed someone? That is the point. They are normal. People who do terrible things are our friends and our neighbors and our loved ones. They look exactly like us,and sometimes better than us. They aren’t deformed, ugly monsters; they aren’t monsters at all. They aren’t this species of “other” that so many of us try to paint them to be. They are incredibly, fatally, human. “They” and “we” are made of the same fibers. The darkness is in each of us, and it is a terrifying, but necessary truth to face: That darkness cannot be killed. Ignoring it and stuffing it away has never done humanity any good either. It is important to have compassion for a victim, it is also easy; it takes a brave character to try to understand the darkness itself amidst the lynch mob. Darkness can be transmuted only through understanding.

Put them down

Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi are two very good reasons to bring back capital punishment. They killed over two dozen people over the years and, although in custody, they are breathing the air, walking around and eating three meals a day. This is not justice. Of course, capital punishment is not for everyone, but it certainly fits these two.

Road blockheads

Can the people who made the decisions to block all those roads in Bradford be any dumber? I live in one of those neighborhoods and all access roads were blocked. I had to take a detour of an hour to go less than one minute. Hey, geniuses, people have a right to have access to where they live!

Farrwood potholes

Can anyone tell me why it’s taking so long for the person who promised to keep the potholes filled on Farrwood Drive in Haverhill to take care of this? I know we are small peanuts compared to larger projects that they must have, but we are part of an ongoing project as well, and we were promised something and are being ignored.

Stupid City

Congratulations, Haverhill! Route 125 in Bradford now has evening traffic (after construction crews are gone) at an almost standstill backed up from the fire station past Academy Lanes. It hasn’t been this bad since Western Electric was up the road. Drivers going 40 aren’t a threat, but trust me, those frustrated and angry drivers in stop-and-go traffic are going to gun it at the wrong time and hit someone. Time to sell the house I’ve lived in for the past 40 years and move to a city where they don’t do stupid stuff like this!

Bee wise

Scientists tell us that “neonics” are a key contributing factor to dramatic bee die-offs. Yet these insecticides continue to be widely used, and EPA won’t take action until after its review is complete in 2018. Meanwhile, bees continue dying off in droves, with beekeepers reporting losses between 40 to 70 percent this year. The Save America’s Pollinators Act (H.R.2692) would suspend use of neonicotinoid pesticides until a full review of scientific evidence and field studies demonstrate no harmful impacts to pollinators. This is the fighting chance our honey bees need.