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July 22, 2013

Letter: 21 reasons Obama is s failure

To the editor:

When President Obama, was elected in 2008, the nation and many people were excited and had high hopes for this new president and the country. However, his election has turned out to be the biggest failure in American history. Consider some of the reasons:

1) He created the highest unemployment ever for a president.

2) Chronic, long-term unemployment worse than during the Great Depression.

3) Highest Black American unemployment in 28 years.

4) Worst housing losses since the Great Depression of 1928.

5) Under Obama, U.S. poverty rate increased to 1 in 6.

6) Highest annual national deficit and national debt since WW II.

7) 46 million people, 1 in 6, living in poverty.

8) 48 million families on food stamps.

9) Lowest consumer confidence level in 30 years.

10) Signed the bailouts of companies too big to fail, costing taxpayers trillions.

11) Government almost $16 trillion in debt.

12) Current illegal aliens over 11 million. No policy to stop the invasion.

13) Paid for Obamacare by transferring $500 billion from Medicare beneficiaries.

14) Paying for payroll tax relief for middle-class taxpayers with money from Medicare trust fund, not forward-thinking, just political.

15) Worst trade deficits with foreign governments like China, which hurts U.S.

16) Lack of an immigration policy to protect Americans. Illegals demand and get free health care.

17) Losing a billion dollars a week to Medicare fraud.

18) Friends of the president in EPA-approved companies under investigation for fraud. Billions of tax money lost.

19) America’s credit downgraded for first time in history. Causing high borrowing costs for businesses.

20) Forcing many businesses to close due to harsh federal regulations. Middle class loses jobs.

21) Under investigation for FBI and IRS scandals, Benghazigate, Justice Department gun smuggling.

This uninformed president believes that he is the fourth best president ever!

If this progressive, liberal president gets his way, our country may be lost to socialism, just like countries in Europe.

Ed Brooks,

Salem, N.H.

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