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July 23, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Obama = Sharpton

President Obama was way out of line with his impromptu speech regarding Trayvon Martin. All he did was add fuel to the fire of an already volatile situation. He’s no better than Al Sharpton. People have the right to protest -- peacefully. We don’t need the president stirring the pot.

Let it go, O

“Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.” Baloney! President Obama, please open your eyes and look at and then clean up your own hometown, Chicago. If you were born and brought up in Chicago, you could have been shot and killed by any gun-wielding punk or a Zimmerman type watchman. Take your pick! Stop causing problems in our country. The trial is over. Let the verdict rest.

Baby photos

So when are the media going to stop posting pictures of Trayvon Martin when he was 12? Maybe they should post pics of George Zimmerman when he was 6, just to be fair.

Lost and found

To the person who took a relative of mine’s nice, big, filled, turquoise and white cooler at Salisbury Reservation near the sea gate on the first beach at the end of the boardwalk: Please return it to the main gate at the beach. I would normally let this go and say people just feel they can take what they want regardless about caring about others. But yesterday was so hot my relative had to take her daughter home because she was sun-struck. How I long for the day we could trust each other and not have to bring a chainlock for our coolers. Please return it, no questions asked.


President Obama and Hillary Clinton are screaming out against racism in the Zimmerman trial. There was no trial for Chris Steven’ savage death at Benghazi. Obama and Hillary are heartless.

You’re welcome

Thank you for the Sunday article on the Market Basket topic. Until I read that article the only difference between the cousins for me was the middle initial. I agree with the workers. Market Basket has done well for itself and its employees without having had to fall into a trap of unionization. It has been a good source of employment for friends, and it continues to be the first job for many, many kids.

Not funny

I fail to see the humor in Saturday’s political cartoon that shows the Capitol building in Washington being blown up with a nuclear bomb. We have had real bombing tragedies that take all the “funny” out of cartoons like this. I wish the Tribune would use some publishing discretion in the future.


Detroit has gone bankrupt, and I am not surprised the powers that be down through the years should be ashamed and full of guilt for letting this happen. The population of this city use to be 4 million, now down to 700,000. This is what happens when there is to much freedom with no discipline. The boarded-up buildings and houses number in the thousands. That is almost unbelievable but sadly all true. If something isn’t done soon we could have the same thing happen right here in two or three cities in Massachusetts. I’m sure we all know who they are.