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July 23, 2013

Letter: Liberal media tried and convicted Zimmerman

To the editor:

Time for people to close their mouths and open their minds. The liberal media tried and convicted George Zimmerman on name only. They are the ones guilty of racial profiling, accusing Zimmerman of being a hateful white male filled with prejudice. Once again they created an angry lynch mob, out for blood. The real injustice is that, the liberal media will never be held accountable for the lies and accusation.

Zimmerman was not an angry white male filled with racism, and Trayvon Martin wasn’t an innocent black child. We have witnessed this type of tragedy far too many times over the years. So unless you believe that the six women on the jury are racist, justice was served, a devastating blow to the liberals’ challenge of the 2nd Amendment and the right of people to defend themselves.

Racism exists, without question, but it is the liberals who continue to keep it thriving. For 50 years, it has been a billion-dollar government industry, that has now grown into a trillion-dollar extortion, a systematic attack on the very foundation of this country, freedom and independence for all Americans.

And now the real tragedy will begin. The liberals will continue their deceptions. They will make all types of accusations, but these accusation will be based on ignorant opinions not facts. Zimmerman doesn’t deny he shot Martin, and he doesn’t deny having a gun. His crime was “claiming self defense.”

Why aren’t we addressing the fact that Zimmerman felt the need to be armed or that his neighborhood was troubled with crime? Both Zimmerman and Martin are victims of the liberal lies dividing this country. Bondage creates anger and government bondage is no different.

If we can’t teach people to become responsible, contributing members of society, it’s our education that failed, not the “greed” of our businesses or rich white men. With 50 million people living in government bondage (aka welfare), it is a failure of education.

With more than half the population dependent on a government check, it is a governmental failure. Liberalism (generous application of other people’s money) is a sickness not a cure. Progressivism (for the common good) is a death sentence of a free and independent nation.

Fred Mendes





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