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July 24, 2013

Letter: Trayvon Martin case and the issue of prejudice

To the editor:

It is sad but true: Seemingly the idea of a land free of latent, underground hatred is and will likely be a utopian dream.

One might think that I look at the glass as “half empty.” I am OK with that. I migrated from a remote Caribbean island almost 27 years ago.

I thought back then that social oppression should be the least of my concerns, since I have always been a law-abiding citizen, both in my country and this U.S. territory I have learned to love so dearly.

However, the Trayvon Martin case has served as a reminder of a sad reality. While working for the Dominican government and writing for one of the most read and credible newspapers as a freelance writer, I was always respected and unharmed in spite of my outspoken position on political issues.

I lived this blessed life, and I call it a blessed because we all lived at the time in an atmosphere of political tensions and intimidation, and I always had the privilege of both reporting facts and expressing my opinion on issues.

Coming to America has shown me that it doesn’t matter how fearlessly and consistently you try to gain respect by conveying the best of your persona, it won’t matter if you are a minority.

It seems as if the preconceptions that some groups hold so radically about minorities won’t ever be mitigated in the least.

I will remain cautiously hopeful that we will overcome these challenges, and that we will eventually reach the awareness that we are all one in the wide spectrum of the universe.

We are inevitably all connected. Although we may not realize it, what affects one will affect us all somehow, sometime.

Lastly, I humbly beg that we try to encourage our children to be tolerant and open to accept others, for otherwise we would be building them a future plagued by frustration and unhappiness. I ask, with all due respect and humility, that we all take some time to ponder this.

Denise Valerio


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