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July 25, 2013

Sound Off

Our money, too

In Tuesday’s letter to the editor, Fred Mendes of Boxford defines liberalism as the “generous application of other people’s money.” Hey, guess what. Liberals pay taxes, too. We have every right to advocate for our government to spend our tax dollars to better our society. Republicans need to get over their narcissism.

Hawk killer?

To the Lawrence Public School employee who swung a broom stick and killed a hawk at one of the public schools then threw it in the river: You have saddened many people. The pair of hawks in the area have given us the opportunity to observe their hatchlings grow over the past several months. I am sure it is a federal offense to kill a migrating bird. You should be punished for your actions.

Stonewall Riley

I’m not a resident of Lawrence, not a teacher, not a big supporter of unions, and I believe that the public schools in general need revamping. But reading Receiver Jeffrey Riley’s comments that the state has given him unprecedented power says it all. I doubt that the stonewalling is one-sided. Lawrence is just a stepping stone for him to a bigger stage.

Incompetent Dems

It is very important to note that Detroit has been run by liberal Democrats for almost 60 years. The Democrats proved their total incompetence in Detroit and when you look at the next cities that will follow Detroit, all are run by the Democrats. Are the majority in this country that grossly uniformed? Obviously.

Welcome, troopers

It will be a welcome sight to see more New Hampshire state troopers on I-93 soon. For many years, drivers have used 93 between the Massachusetts border and Manchester like a NASCAR race track due to the lack of troopers on this part of the road. Maybe now the road will be safer.

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