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July 27, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Phony? Baloney!

The president on numerous occasions has called the many scandals plaguing his administration phony. Benghazi, where four Americans died, is phony? Fast and Furious, that led to the death of a border agent, is phony? The scandalous incidents at the IRS, the DOJ, and the NSA, are phony? All these scandals have been swept under the rug and, when questioned, Obama and his administration indicate they are still being investigated. But they hope that over time, they will all be forgotten. The president’s indifference, his insensitivity, his neglectful interest and his nonchalant manner will never be forgotten!

Holder’s hypocrisy

Can you imagine it? Eric Holder is laughing at the Supreme Court decision and bringing suit against Texas over voter rights! This is the man who refused to prosecute the men who stood outside a Philadelphia polling place with iron pipes in their hands to intimidate the people entering to vote. The man is deranged! Is he the best this country has to offer as an attorney general? If he is, we are in really big trouble! He has to be removed from his position as soon as possible for he is a menace to the Constitution and the American ethical system.

Pats need kicker

The Patriots started camp, and they said they need a receiver and maybe they do, but they need a field goal kicker more. Tom Brady brought them to the brink three times, but let us never forget it was the kicker who won the games. Just think, if he had only missed one, Brady would just be another winning quarterback.

Surplus myth

For once and for all, Bill Clinton never, I repeat NEVER had a surplus! Don’t believe me, just go to the U.S. Treasury website and you will see we borrowed money and increased the public debt during all eight years of the Clinton presidency. Anyone who tells you differently is just wrong.

Runaway train

Our town manager continually pushes for a train station in Plaistow that an overwhelming majority of citizens voted against. I find it interesting that he is a finalist for another town’s administrator position and that he ran for mayor of Peabody (and lost). All he wants is a feather in his political cap and he intends to leave Plaistow in the dust to face something the majority voted against and that will bring noise and diesel fumes to us. He seems unconcerned. Why? Because this Massachusetts resident wants nothing more than to say he brought the train to our clean and quiet town on his résumé. I hope that other town hires him. He is a Massachusetts resident who thinks like the rest of that state and who would be right at home there. Why our selectmen keep this man when he is obviously looking elsewhere and not doing things in our best interest is beyond me. Think about that next time they run for re-election.

Dem scandals

With all the scandals going on with the liberal Democrats, in particular Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer, it would be very appropriate for the new liberal Democratic mantra to become “Embrace perversion.”