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July 28, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor


Hassan will be calling our Granite State legislature back for an October session, hoping that in the next three months enough pressure can be exerted against the Republicans to ensure a favorable vote at that time. Typically, most of the GOP members are voicing their disapproval of this special session, preferring to kick the problem down the road into the 2014 session.

The most infuriating point of this latest anti-Obama subterfuge by our GOP representatives is that the people who will suffer aren’t on welfare rolls or recipients of monthly disability checks. These are our working poor, paying their bills and taxes and raising their families with little or no government assistance.

Whether you are an affected victim of this New Hampshire end-around or not, a call or email to your local reps to push this common-sense acceptance of federal funds may help for a positive outcome in the fall. Think about this: if New Hampshire were hit by a hurricane or other natural disaster next week, would Hassan have to worry about opposition from her legislature in accepting cleanup and reconstruction dollars from Washington? With these impending personal financial disasters awaiting 58,000 of our neighbors in a few months, the Medicaid answer should be just as obvious.

William F. Klessens


Gonzalez will move Lawrence forward

To the editor:

The entrance of Juan “Manny” Gonzalez as candidate for mayor of Lawrence presents a unique and historic opportunity that will potentially have widespread impact not only for the city of Lawrence but also the surrounding communities of Merrimack Valley.

There are many in Lawrence and many more of us who live in its proximity who intimately understand that Lawrence is a city that has to be cared for. This is a city that yearns for inspired leadership where public service to engage in progressive action is the central motive, rather than an agenda of careerism.

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