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July 29, 2013

Letter: Our fiscal madness needs to stop


What would I suggest if I could suddenly be in a position of leadership? First, have the moral courage and will to effect real change. We the people demand that the Federal Reserve sell stock options back to the government and the gains, which would be quite substantial, given the rate money is being printed, along with a portion of tax revenue be earmarked in two major ways. First, pay down the debt. Second, allocate money to the private sector to people with viable business plans that know how to create real jobs complete with on the job training and rates of pay and incentives that will entice people in any circumstance to want to roll up their sleeves, work hard, with the express goal of enjoying the fruits of their labor. Doing this will increase the taxpayer and corporate tax base.

Isn’t this a better alternative than our government having to in effect run Ponzi schemes to feed the real beast, the Federal Reserve through social welfare and government expansion? Why add Obamacare, another Ponzi scheme to the mix and add more crushing debt to feed the beast?

Isn’t it time for a third party that stands for common sense and sanity? I’m saying I will do it, but I need your help. Who is with me?

Neil Westerman


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