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November 24, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Life lesson

To "Methuen bugs me": Years ago, I complained about stupid things like early or February Christmas lights, too. Today, I couldn't care less about lights, neighbors' leaves blowing into my yard, dog poop or someone's yard clutter. I just want to feel healthy again and pay my bills on time. Don't sweat the small stuff. Believe me, someday you will remember that those problems as the good old days.

Dangerous drivers

Bad drivers think the posted speed limit is the slowest speed allowed so therefore they go by me and others on the highway at 75-plus mph. On local roads, they go through red lights, causing frightening moments for the drivers who waited for their green light and are cut off by the driver who is driving dangerously. Bad drivers never use their directional signal. They make their next turn a surprise to other drivers. Bad drivers take right turns on red lights even though there are several signs clearly saying no turns on the red light. Stupid drivers toot their horns at the car in front of them trying to get them to go through the red light and make the turn. This is an ongoing problem at the North Andover Mall on Winthrop Avenue. I actually saw two cars in front of me take a right turn on the red light and drove right by a police officer who was parked in a car at the mall and watched them do it Bad drivers need to be stopped and given tickets for speeding and going through red lights.

Bush, Bush, Nixon

The worst president in history is not President Barack Obama. Itas both George H.W. and George W. Bush. And Richard M Nixon. Nuff said. ..

James, Deval, Barack

After the proverbial nationwide search, Haverhill Mayor James Fiorentini found a new city clerk right in his own office. What a surprise! And there was unanimous agreement by the search committee, another surprise. Fiorentini is getting more and more like his idols, Deval Patrick and Barack Obamacare.

Penny wise

Cutting money from maintenance in Haverhill? What a great idea. Then when more public buildings fall apart, you can raise taxes to put up a new building. What a joke!

O gets a pass

Wait a second, the president is looking to delay the individual mandate of Obamacare until after the 2014 elections and to allow some of the folks who have received notices canceling their health insurance due to ACA rules to keep them? All you supporters of the president and his health care debacle have written here and with the media lapdogs that ACA is the law of the land when Republicans wanted to kill or even change the bill. So why does the president get a pass on this? Because the Democrats are hypocrites!


How does the president sleep at night? He is always blaming every one but himself. The man is a cancer to this country. When will this country see this? Think back on the last 20 years and look at all our rights and freedoms that have been taken from us. Please smarten up. we are a great country; let's not become a nation that looks the other way. Let's stand up for our Constitution.