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July 30, 2013

Sound Off

Beacon Hill fraud

I can’t believe how disconnected the people down on Beacon Hill are to the lives of the people they supposedly represent. I can’t get to work so I can pay my taxes unless I have enough money to put gas in my car. They have just made that an iffy choice for me. Do I pay the rent, buy groceries, put clothes on my kids’ backs or get all the kids need to start school in the fall? Where do they think I can cut back so that I can pony up more money for them to misuse? There is so much fraud and waste in state government, yet they have the gall to put through more taxes so they can mismanage our money even more! Talk about taxation without representation!

Capitol Hill fraud

How much longer are President Obama and his administration going to lie and deceive the American people? We still are awaiting answers on what happened in Benghazi, why the IRS intimidated and harassed certain groups, why the government continues to spy on American citizens and why Fast and Furious still remains unresolved. Obama to date has been effective on deflecting away from these issues, but time is running out. Obama owes the American people the truth — or could it be the truth will lead to Obama’s resignation and he knows it? One has to wonder. Do we have a president or do we have a corrupt dictator? One thing is for sure: Our president and his administration are masters of deception, fraud and corruption.

Harley hell

I keep chickens and have on occasion had a rooster. Roosters may be noisy but are nowhere as bad as the noise from motorcycles, especially Harleys. I live a quarter mile from Route 111 in New Hampshire, and all weekend long I can hear the obnoxious sound from them as they drown out my neighbor’s rooster.

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