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July 30, 2013

Sound Off


Thanks for help

I would like to thank the girl and her mom who tried to help me find my car at Rockingham Mall on Saturday. I really appreciate the time and effort it took for their assistance. Many thanks.

Thick as thieves

So let me get this straight. We did what the government told us to do: bought cars that get better mileage and try to use less gas. We listened to what the government said about cigarette smoking and have cut down drastically or stopped altogether. How are we rewarded for doing what our leaders tell us? Taxes on gas and cigarettes are raised and once again, the taxpayer gets it in the pocketbook so the elected representatives can continue their mismanagement and thievery on Beacon Hill. Sure gives you a warm fuzzy, doesn’t it? I often wonder how those people can sleep at night!

Demonized sexuality

Apparently sexuality and womanhood aren’t compatible. If we don’t put out, we are prudes. If we choose to use the pill, we are sluts and prostitutes. If we get pregnant, we are idiots, and if we get abortions we are irresponsible and evil. If we carry an unplanned pregnancy to term, we are leeching welfare queens who are ruining the country. We can do no right, no matter what we do or don’t do.




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