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April 20, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Gun control

Neither the NRA nor any “right-wing extremists” killed those dear and innocent children. A child who was in desperate need of treatment, whose demons took over him did. His mother was as responsible for these murders as was he. Until this country realizes that more has to be done for the mentally ill, more killings will occur, whether by guns, knives or fists. This problem has to be addressed. Taking guns away will not do a thing. The bad guys will continue to find them and use them. Background checks are needed. Blaming all other people but the ones who are truly sick does not help.


In regards to Wednesday’s “Need God” opinion: You are way off. Not only are your comments insulting, but honestly have zero effect. “Putting god back in our lives” — I’m sorry, that’s almost as effective as saying “let’s put Captain Kirk back in our lives” or “Darth Vader” or any other imaginary character. Prayer is not the answer. In fact, all those who went to social media to tell everyone “I prayed for Boston” are bragging about actually doing nothing for those affected. It’s worse than making a joke about the dead and injured. It’s disgusting. If you need religion in your life to pretend to be a moral or good person, then you don’t have morals. You simply lack empathy and any ability to do any good on your own cognizance.

Church and state

I’m not particularly religious but I’m so tired of public officials — from Obama down to locals — doing their best to eliminate any reference to God from any government, public or private spaces. Anyone who has read the Constitution knows that “separation” does not mean “elimination.” And yet, after every catastrophe, these same pols are always “offering their thoughts and prayers” to the victims and their families. Just to whom are they praying?

Traffic lights

The traffic lights in Methuen Square on Route 28 are the worst I’ve ever seen causing jam-ups and hypertension. It should be simple enough to fix.

Obama’s taxes

For all that the media played out how much of a miserable human being Romney was for only paying 14 percent in taxes, why has Obama gotten a free pass for only paying 18 percent? I truly believe this was one of the major points before the election but all of a sudden it does not matter. Are you telling me that we sold our country down the river over a tiny 4 percent.

No casino

Putting a casino at Rockingham Park is not going to lower our taxes in Salem. If anything they will be going up. We will have to hire more police, firefighters and teachers. In addition to that, what do you think will happen to the roads with increased traffic? The restaurants will not have more business either as people do not leave casinos to go eat but stay there until their money is gone. With at least two new casinos planned for nearby Massachusetts we won’t be seeing those residents. If the lawmakers really want to go through with this they need to find a location not in the very middle of our little town.