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April 25, 2013

Sound Off

We paid

Doesn’t it make you feel great to know that you have paid for the Boston Marathon bomber’s food, housing, bombs, probably his lawyers and court costs, and now you can pick up the tab on his medical expenses to put him back together enough so that he can be convicted and can spend the rest of his life in jail. Then you can pay for his food and housing there, too. Cradle to grave care, folks, and this is what it gets us! I wonder how many other fine folks like this family are out there. I’ll bet we find out same way we found out about these people.


Ed Markey voted against forming the Homeland Security Task Force, and voted against additional protections for our ports? And people want to send him to the United States Senate? How can we vote for Markey when he has voted against giving law enforcement the tools they need to fight the bad guys? He is making excuses for those votes now, but it is all more malarkey from Markey!


The House of Representatives has just released a report on the Benghazi consulate attack that details how the State Department ignored warnings that security was inadequate for the risk. Did the White House really tell CBS that “the report appears to raise questions that have already been asked and answered in great detail”? Answered? No; the truth was inconvenient, so the president lied. He has dishonored his office and severely damaged our democracy. He needs to own up, and give his solemn pledge it will not happen again. How else can we trust him?

Next ban?

I’m just curious. I’m wondering if all those people who want to ban guns now want to ban pressure cookers.

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