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March 14, 2013

Letter: Numbers show our problem is spending, not revenue

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

I keep hearing liberals claim that Bush created the recession, the debt, the deficits, Obama’s economic policies, etc. But what if he never existed? Would 9/11, Katrina, tax cuts, wars, and the like have never happened?

Clinton’s 2000 budget had federal revenues of $2.09 trillion, and federal spending of $1.79 trillion. Assuming we were still following the budget of the liberal economic utopia of 2000, before the dastardly Bush tax cuts and the war over mythical lies, adjusting for inflation today’s revenues would be $2.75 trillion and today’s spending would be $2.36 trillion.

In reality, today’s revenues are $2.77 trillion, slightly higher than they should be under Clinton’s budget. But how can this be? We have been lied to that the tax cuts cost us $3.8 trillion.

Today’s spending is $3.88 trillion, $1.52 trillion higher than it should be.

Clearly, we have a spending problem and not a revenue problem as claimed by the Democrats.

Mark Acciard